Christmas Offering 2017

As the Christian Church in Indiana, we are people joined and knit together in love.

The Christmas Offering is an opportunity to support the ministry we share with one another. It supports the work of teams that meet with students preparing for ordination. It helps send out our regional staff to meet with congregations and pastors. It allows us to offer a tremendous summer camp program for children, youth and adults. It helps us connect to partners in mission throughout the world. It provides training sessions for clergy. And so much more.

Together, we gather our resources so we can collectively do ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

On this page, you are provided with materials that help interpret this special offering. Share the stories in your newsletters, in bulletins, on your webpage, on your Facebook page or on a screen at worship. You can also use these graphics in communication pieces that you create for your congregation. There is even a poster that can be printed and used in your community. If you need more information or have questions, please contact the regional office.

Thank you for your support of our shared ministry in the Christian Church in Indiana.

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Thank you Indiana Disciples for your support and thank you for giving generously to the ministry that we do together throughout Indiana and beyond. Please feel free to share this video in your congregations and your community.

Christmas Offering 2017 Stories:

By: Shelia Spencer

One of the most treasured parts of my seminary journey are those who travel alongside and support me.  The Regional Nurture and Certification Team have been an integral part of my journey from the beginning.  These sisters and brothers have prayed with me, encouraged and stretched me.  They have reminded me of giving myself the gift of grace while balancing school, full time work, family, travel and everything else that goes along with living this life.  I am grateful for the safe space they provide and the support that is poured into me.  This is one of the many tangible and important ministries offered through the Region.  This is a gift.

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By: Lee Huckleberry

In mid-December, I will travel to Indianapolis to attend what will surely be one of the most memorable evenings of my life. As a Flourish! grant recipient, I will join dozens of my clergy colleagues from across the state to celebrate the completion of a remarkable journey and receive a financial gift that will utterly change my life.

When I was informed several years ago that I was to receive a $15,000 ministerial relief grant, I was in disbelief. I had become so resigned to a life of financial indebtedness that I could not imagine a different path. The Flourish! program became that path for me – a sacred path. I use the word sacred because God has been ever-present along the way as I have shared my story with fellow pilgrims, confronted my fears, confessed my sins, gained new insights, and imagined a new way of being in relation to money.

At a recent gathering of grant recipients and congregational leaders, I was asked to share a few remarks about my Flourish! experience. The first words that came to my lips were, “Thank you!” This program has exemplified the church at its very best: creative, collaborative, hospitable, generous, joyful, engaging, prayerful, supportive, and animated with hope. Everything has been useful. Nothing has been wasted.

At several places along this path, I have shared with colleagues, parishioners, and friends my reluctance to use the words “flourish” and “finances” in the same sentence. For the first 20 years of my ministry, I could not imagine that they belonged together. But today, by the grace of God and through the faithfulness of the Indiana Christian Church, I know that they do. What an incredible gift! One that I intend to share for the rest of my days.

Download Flourish! By Lee Huckleberry

By: Holly Black

The Young Adult Retreat is a biannual weekend event that brings us together in fellowship, study, and worship with old and new friends from across the region. Often, as young adults, it can be hard to feel as though we have a place within our own church. The retreats offer a community who understands this struggle to belong in a faith community. We offer each other guidance and explore the ways in which we can act in the ministries of the church. We are grateful strengthened faith journeys and for the connections made across the Christian Church in Indiana.

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By: Rosette Matezolo

We have seen so many things. We were very well received. And I always say that I thank God for this partnership. It is a partnership that comes to strengthen us… to fortify us… you who are here and we who are in the Congo. As it’s often been said, according to God’s word, that God may continue to bless us and give us more time together. We will be going back with gifts from all of you. We have received both physical gifts and spiritual gifts. And what we have experienced here, we will go back and share with our brothers and sisters in Congo. And for all of this, we say thank you. Merci mingi for this partnership and for everything you have done for us and for everything you continue to do for the church and the people of Congo.

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