2016 Regional Assembly

  • October 1, 2016 9:00 am
  • 1000 W 42nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

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“POST IT!” is the theme for October’s Regional Assembly to be held on Saturday October 1 at Christian Theological Seminary from 9:00 am- 4:30 pm

While our ancestors of faith told stories around the campfire, and our grandparents ‘posted’ their messages at the post office or mailbox, today’s stories are often told a few sentences at a time in some form of social media. However we tell our story of how God is at work in us and among us, it is important to offer our witness by every means we can.

We will ask persons and congregations to tell us a bit of their stories through video, hear the news of what our regional and general ministries are doing, and celebrate “The” story of God among us in a worship service that sends us out renewed and recharged to tell others the Good News that has shaped our lives.

Join us for a day of face to face connection and recharging of your faith!

Diane Zehr is the point of contact for this year’s assembly she can be reached via email at diane@indianadisciples.org

Greetings Indiana Region!

We are pleased to announce that the planning process for the 2016 Regional Assembly is well under way. Our planning team has held its first meeting in March, and hit the ground running with creating an event that will benefit all in attendance. Our time together was full of creativity and collegiality.

One of the initial questions that kick started our process was, “How do we tell our story?” Each of us as individuals have stories of life and grace, each of our congregations have unique stories of service and change, and our Region itself has a story that reaches back to the earliest days of the Stone-Campbell movement, we also connect to the story the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ at large. Undergirding all of our stories is a faith that itself is steeped in storytelling, with the Gospel of Jesus standing out as the central story in which we find our identity and our calling. So, in this brave new world of the 21st century, how do we continue to tell our stories in deep and meaningful ways? How do we keep our message alive in such a way that the world takes notice and hears the story we have to offer? How do we keep telling the old, old story of Jesus and his love through our experiences and our shared histories?

The questions above shaped the work of our planning, and what we found was the theme for this year’s assembly: “Post It” The world of social media has connected our society in ways we have never been connected before (the fact that I’m communicating to you through a blog post is evidence of that- as are some of the ways we’re going to ask you to share back with us). We “post” parts of our story every day for various pieces of the world to see. So again I ask, What if we were more intentional about the idea of “telling our story?” As we talked, we realized that “posts” have existed for generations as a way to tell our stories and communicating information to the larger world. Who still uses Post-It notes? Do you remember community bulletin boards where need-to-know information would be posted for all to see? Going back even further to the days of when watering posts for horses were a place for conversation. Even then, folks would “post up” and share the news of the day with fellow passersby. The notion of “posting” transcends generations and mediums, and plan to harness that notion to be intentional about telling our stories going forward as a Region, as congregations, and as individuals.

Keep an eye on the website, e-News, and our social media channels for more information on how we can share our stories. We will grow together and learn more from each other as we move towards Regional Assembly 2016. We’ll celebrate our call to “Post-It” when we get there. other

God Bless,
Your Regional Assembly Planning Team
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