The FLOURISH! Program’s next Financial Literacy Academy will host Peter Dunn, aka Pete the Planner®, on May 1 in Indianapolis. The session is required for FLOURISH! grantees and spouses and open to all clergy and spouses in the Christian Church in Indiana. Cost for non-grantee clergy and spouses is just $15 each and includes lunch and any materials.

The second day of the May 2020 Financial Literacy Academy May 2 is presented by Rev. Dr. Todd Adams from the Pension Fund. This second day of the academy is for clergy and lay leaders and is also $15 per person for anyone non covered by a grant.

For more information and for a link to register, click below:

See Financial Literacy Academy

Scripture is filled with stories of people experiencing God in the beauty and power of Creation. For thousands of years, God’s people have looked at the world around them to learn about God’s presence in their life. Camps are designed to bring children and youth into the beauty of creation and into the power of community. These intentional events are divided by age, and often by special focus.

“Near: Loving our neighbor, our earth, and our God” is the theme for the 2020 Spring Youth Assembly. Youth (grades 6-12) will gather together with new and old friends to learn about God’s call to love our neighbors,
including caring for our environment.

March 27-29; 7 pm, Bradford Woods, Martinsville, Indiana

The Financial Relief Grant is open to commissioned and ordained clergy with standing through the Christian Church in Indiana. Learn more and apply by January 31, 2020:

All Indiana Disciples congregations are welcomed to apply for the Compensation Support Grant. Learn more and apply by January 31, 2020:

Our Christmas Offerings support the work of the Christian Church in Indiana. Your gifts inspire, support and connect us to live out the Gospel call in Christ – through camps, assemblies, clergy support, retreats, trainings, enrichment, and connecting us to one another and our neighbors. The Christmas Special Offering in our congregations
will be received December 15th and 22nd. Online giving is also available HERE
Watch the Christmas Video HERE


Published four times a year by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana, 1100 W. 42nd St., #150, Indianapolis, IN 46208. This publication began in 1918. The present name, The Indiana Christian, dates to January 1891.

The Regional Board has approved guidelines submitted by the Faith Formation Commission establishing the opportunity for congregations to apply for faith formation grants of up to $5,000.  The grants will be funded by a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Barbee Christian Camp.

The intention is to form a partnership between congregations and the Region in significant new expressions of ministry that will enable the development of faith communities that are more effectively involved in faith formation. 

These grants are intended to encourage congregations to take a fresh look at their current ministry, and then enable them to begin new ministries that will help bring renewed vitality to the congregation.  Each congregation seeking a grant will be asked to adopt and show progress toward goals that will help lead the congregation to spiritual growth. 

The Faith Formation Commission will administer the grant on behalf of the Region.  While working on the guidelines for this new program, the Commission Chair Rebecca Sundquist stated that there were six key themes they hoped would emerge as congregations imagine their new initiatives including:

  1. Growing in relationship with God
  2. Living as disciples of Jesus at home, work, in the community and in the world.
  3. Developing new understandings of the Bible.
  4. Participating in the life and ministries of the faith community.
  5. Engaging in service and mission in the world.
  6. Deepening spiritual life and practices.

Congregations will be expected to provide matching funds equaling at least 10% of the grant they request. Grants will be made in the  fall and the spring each year.  For more information contact Associate Regional Minister Carolyn Reed at

Grant Guidelines and Application



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