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Donor Relations

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana (Region) is a not for profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Region has this designation as a religious organization affiliated with the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Inc. The Region is incorporated as a not for profit religious organization with the Indiana Secretary of State.

Income Sources

The Region primarily depends on donations from congregations and individuals through Disciples Mission Fund.  The Region receives 50% of its income from congregational gifts to Disciples Mission Fund and the Christmas offering, 38% of revenue from interest income, endowment distributions, and annual fund gifts from individuals, and 12% of its income from program receipts.

Annual Fund

The founders of our movement, Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone, believed that a regional structure was a necessity to bolster the efforts and effectiveness of our individual congregations.  They each may several trips to Indiana to help initiate that connection between our congregations leading to the founding of the Christian Church in Indiana in 1839. They made a personal investment of their time and resources to help bring about our beginning.  You are invited to do the same with a gift to the Annual Fund.

The primary source of dollars for the Region’s ministry comes through the faithfulness of local congregations in contributions to Disciples Mission Fund and the Christmas Special Day Offering.  These gifts are invaluable, but cannot by themselves fully support the work that we have been asked to do. The Annual Fund provides an opportunity for you to strengthen our shared ministry by making a direct gift to the Region.

Your gift will make a difference immediately and will be used with care.  Because of the ministry we do together young people are coming to faith in summer camps; ministerial students are receiving nurture and care; congregations are enabled to call new pastors; congregational leaders are strengthened for their role; and relationships between diverse congregations are formed.

Your gift to the Annual Fund benefits your congregation directly and builds on the investment Campbell and Stone began in our beloved state.

You can make a contribution today by credit or debit card by clicking the box in the upper right hand corner of this page, or HERE. Thank you.

Disciples Mission Fund

There are four ways local congregations can financially support the wider ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, four Special Day Offerings, two Special Mission Fund Offerings and Designated Giving. These are described below.

Are you looking for remittance forms? Find them on the Disciples Mission Fund website.

Disciples Mission Fund

Similar to the United Way in local communities, gifts to Disciples Mission Fund support 73 Disciples mission partners—general ministries, regions, colleges, and seminaries. The Indiana Region receives 40.2% of DMF contributions from Hoosier Disciples congregations.

You can find more information on the source and distribution of gifts to Disciples Mission Fund on the Disciples Mission Fund web site.

Special Day Offerings

Information and resources for the Special Day Offerings are available on the Disciples Mission Fund web site.


The Easter Special Day Offering supports General Ministries including the Division of Overseas MinistriesDisciples Home Mission, Council on Christian Unity, the Disciples of Christ Historical SocietyHigher Education and Leadership MinistriesNational Benevolent Association (direct support to eight facilities), racial and ethnic ministries, Pension Fund, Center for Faith and Giving, Disciples Mission Fund Promotion and Treasury Services.


The Pentecost Offering supports new church establishment. The New Church Ministry office within Church Extension uses half for projects across the nation. The Christian Church in Indiana uses half for projects in Indiana.


The Thanksgiving Offering supports the work of higher education institutions, 15 colleges and seven seminaries. Learn more HERE


The Christmas Offering supports the work of regions. All gifts to the Christmas Offering from Indiana congregations support the ministry of the Christian Church in Indiana. Visit HERE

Special Mission Fund Offerings

Week of Compassion

This mission offering supports domestic and global disaster relief, refugee resettlement, and Third World development projects of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) through Week of Compassion. Visit the Week of Compassion web site for more information and resources.


Reconciliation Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) receives half of this offering to be used for anti-racism training. The Christian Church in Indiana uses the other half of gifts received from Indiana congregations to provide grants to congregations supporting innovative programs addressing poverty and race.

Designated Gifts

Congregations may designate support for a particular project or ministry of the church. Common designations include special Week of Compassion offerings for specific events such as the tsunami, regional campgrounds, new church ministries within a region, scholarship funds at a college or seminary or support for a particular overseas ministry partner. Congregations may also designate a gift for the operational budget of one of the Disciples Mission Fund partners, though by covenant these gifts are not solicited from local churches in fairness to all the partners. Designated gifts are indicated on the remittance form.


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