Search And Call

Interested in Serving in Indiana?

If you are eligible to enter Search and Call in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and interested in being considered for any of these open position, please do the following:

Ethical Guidelines for Congregations (.PDF)

Congregations in Transition

Openings for Senior/Solo Ministers

Name of Congregation Current Interim Status
Bedford, First Eric Brotheridge Considering Candidates
Bloomington, First Will Jewsbury Working on Congregational Profile
Danville, Danville Frank Everett Considering Candidates
Evansville, Bethany Karen Fraser Moore Organizing Search Process
Frankton, Madison Maribeth Westerfield and Joe Allison Considering Candidates
French Lick, Beechwood Mike Grable Considering Candidates
Gas City, First Peggy Hickman Considering Candidates
Greenfield Merlyn Winters Working on Congregational Profile
Muncie, Hazelwood Pamela Pettyjohn Organizing Search Process
New Albany, Park - Considering Interim Candidates
Oaktown, First - Organizing Search Process
Orestes, Orestes - Organizing Search Process
Pittsboro, Pittsboro - Considering Candidates
Russellville, Community Keith Strain Considering Candidates
Sheridan, First Mike Srbljan Considering Candidates
Vincennes, First Lanny Lawler Organizing Search Process

Openings for Associate Ministers

Name of Congregation Status

Ministerial Salary Support Grant

The purpose of the Ministerial Salary Support Grant is to form a partnership between a congregation, the regional church and a minister. Upon the call of a new, full-time minister, a congregation may apply for this Grant. The funds may also be used to maintain a full‐time ministerial position where there is a significant change in income. These funds are generally given over a three-year period. For more information, please contact either Rick Spleth or Carolyn Reed.

Ministerial Salary Support Application revised 4-23-13

Ministerial Salary Support Guidelines approved 4-15-13

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