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The Faith Formation Commission of the Christian Church in Indiana has an invitation for you! In  preparation for our 2020 Regional Assembly, we invite individuals and congregations to read The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak & Dave Runyon. As we focus on the question, “Who is my neighbor?,” this book can engage us in conversation with one another about neighborliness.

Some in our region have already studied this book and have found it encouraged helpful conversations about discovering their neighbors. It is also leading them to think about their congregation’s ministries and extending welcome and hospitality into their communities.

Perhaps your congregation can form a study group and let the conversations spark new imagination? Maybe you would like to be a part of an electronic conversation with other Disciples in other Indiana congregations? Or possibly create a study group with another Disciples congregation in your area to create a learning community? A study guide is available in the book itself, so no need to create anything new!

So, if you need a nudge in expanding your thinking about being a neighbor, here is an opportunity!

Let’s do this together and get the conversations started! One Region, One Book! (look for more information coming out electronically soon.)

Faith Formation

Open Toolbox for Faith Formation Resources

Faith Formation refers to the ways we grow in faith as individuals and as community. Faith Formation is also about the ways we share our faith from generation to generation. We seek to provide resources, experiences, and support for similar ministries in local congregations.

Share Your Faith Formation Ideas

  • Linwood Christian Church, Indianapolis, may use the Barbee Blessing gift for faith formation to take middle schoolers and others to Cane Ridge. “We are [also] looking at building on camp experiences with middle schoolers, and thinking about how we can reach out to children in our neighborhood.”
  • We are helping to cover costs for an upcoming Disciples retreat between our three churches in South Bend, Elkhart, and Mishawaka.”  – Dean Heisey, Co-Pastor, Southside Christian, South Bend (in response to the Barbee Blessing gift)

Email your faith formation ideas to

Faith Formation Grant

The Regional Board approved guidelines submitted by the Faith Formation Commission establishing the opportunity for congregations to apply for faith formation grants of up to $5,000.  The grants will be funded by a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Barbee Christian Camp.

The intention is to form a partnership between congregations and the Region in significant new expressions of ministry that will enable the development of faith communities that are more effectively involved in faith formation.

Grant deadlines are May 10th and September 10th.  October 10th

(Due to Covid-19, the fall grant deadline has been extended to October 10, 2020)

Grant Guidelines

Grant Application




Church Camps

Scripture is filled with stories of people experiencing God in the beauty and power of Creation. For thousands of years, God’s people have looked at the world around them to learn about God’s presence in their life. Camps are designed to bring children and youth into the beauty of creation and into the power of community. These intentional events are divided by age, and often by special focus.

Camps are run by volunteer directors and counselors from our local congregations. This is truly a shared ministry. All volunteers are screened and receive a background check. Support staff such as lifeguards, first aid, and cooks are hired to help our volunteers provide a wonderful experience in a safe environment.

To apply for a COUNSELOR or DIRECTOR position download the 2021 application HERE. All counselors and directors must submit a health form. 

If you are interested in working in a STAFF position at the Bedford camp as assistant cook, life guard, first aid director or dishwasher download the 2021 application HERE.


Camp Registration Opens in January 2021, but until then….SAVE THE DATE:



June 21-26     Explorers (completed grades 4-5)

June 28-30     New Beginnings (complete grades 1-3)

July 5-10        High School (completed grades 9-12)

July 12-17      Middle School (complete grades 6-8)



June 14-16     You and Me 1 (age 5+ and an adult)

June 14-16     New Beginnings (complete grades 1-3)

June 14-19     Explorers (completed grades 4-5)

June 21-24     You and Me 2 (age 5+ and an adult)

June 21-26     MAD (Music, Art, Drama) (completed grades 6-12)

July 5-10        Traditional High School (completed grades 9-12)

July 5-10        Traditional Middle School (completed grades 6-8)

July 5-10        CROSS (Recreation/Sports) (completed grades 6-12)

All About 2021 Camp (to come)

2021 Camp Scholarship Application (to come)



If using Internet Explorer, use the most current version (11+), or switch to another browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) for best registration functions.  

Middle School

High School


New Beginnings

– OR –
download a printable Registration/Health Form for BEDFORD Camps




More information about Geneva camps (to come)



Download a 2021 Health Form (coming in January)
or complete online HERE (to come)


Director/Counselor Training:  All directors and counselors camp training event will be announced in 2021. This gathering will be an opportunity to ask questions about the age-specific curriculum, team building, fellowship, and maybe even eliminate the need for a long training the night before your camp!


Youth – Spring Youth Assembly

  • Youth in grades 6 – 12 gather each Spring for worship, fellowship, learning and service.
  • Each congregation provides their own adult leaders and programming is led by the Indiana Youth Council (IYC)
  • Because of Covid-19, the 2020 Spring Youth Assembly was cancelled

IYC (Info and application)

  • Youth who are in High School may apply in the Spring to serve on the Indiana Youth Council. Selections are made by the current IYC members and appointments made by the end of Summer. Those who have graduated may no longer serve on IYC. Many colleges and universities related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) offer scholarships for youth who serve on such teams.
  • 2020 IYC Application Form

Children Worship and Wonder

  • Children Worship & Wonder offers an exciting way to approach faith formation with children. The approach recognizes children as spiritual beings who already have a relationship with God. Through Children Worship & Wonder, children learn about God as they experience God. They hear Bible stories in a way that allows them to enter into the stories and form responses out of their own life experiences. Children Worship & Wonder can be used with children beginning at age 3. A wide age range can be grouped together in one class. It is a Montessori influenced program that often works wonders with children who have attention deficit problems.
  • You can be trained to become a Worship & Wonder Trainer. Learn more and register.

*Information taken from the Disciples Home Missions Children’s Ministries webpage.

OTHER (Links, Resources, etc.)

Women’s Ministries

Disciples Women’s Ministries is a conduit for diverse connections empowering each woman to find her voice and live out her call.The Indiana Women’s Counsel seeks to facilitate opportunities for gathering and connecting the Disciples Women of Indiana, and would be pleased to receive ideas and suggestions for new ways to bring the Indiana women of faith together. Feel free to be in touch with Maribeth Westerfield with ideas and questions at


Disciple Men’s Ministry is an opportunity for men from each congregation to learn, grown, and serve together. Our primary connection point comes at retreats, held at our Outdoor Ministry locations.


Looking for a congregation? Find one near you, today!