Mexico Initiative

Indiana Disciples Mexico Initiative


As a connectional church, our region has enjoyed decades of partnerships with Christians across the globe, working and learning together to broaden our mutual understanding of the gospel as it is lived out in many cultures and communities. Most recently, we shared a joyful partnership with Disciples in the Mbandaka district of the Congo. This formal partnership reached its agreed-upon conclusion this year, and it is time for us to look forward as we seek to continue our commitment to global fellowship.
As a church in the world, we are aware of an important conversation happening nationally and within our local communities as questions of race, immigration, and economics touch our neighborhoods and congregations. As a connectional church, we realize the importance of having these conversations within the context of relationship – especially a relationship that is centered around the communion table.
In that spirit, our region will soon begin a two-year relationship-building initiative with Disciples of Christ and other ecumenical organizations in Mexico. These next two years will include at least four pilgrimages to various parts of Mexico, including the Guatemala border region, the US border region, and the central region in Mexico City and San Luis Potosi. These pilgrimages will be organized in collaboration with Global Ministries’ People-to-People Pilgrimage Program and will include conversations with seminaries, indigenous communities, refugee support centers, migrant communities, churches, and families. Finally, we will invite a delegation from Mexico to visit Indiana and attend the 2020 Regional Assembly.
Our hope is that a formal partnership may develop organically from these pilgrimages, as relationships of mutual collaboration and accompaniment are built and steps forward into deeper connections and shared mission emerge. We also hope that those who participate in the pilgrimages will share their experiences with their congregations, informing our conversations on critical issues and inviting a deep Christian fellowship with immigrant families in our local communities.
Please keep an eye on the Indiana Christian and for information about pilgrimage dates, applications, and other ways you can participate in this exciting initiative!

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