Indiana Disciples + Festival of Trees

“ALL in for Christmas”

 Presented by
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana


Celebrate with us the birth and life of Jesus
in one of our 140 diverse Indiana congregations.
All are welcome. All means ALL.


The story of Christmas tells of God reaching out to us in a way we can all understand. A babe is born in a manger that grows up to walk the roads not just telling, but showing God’s love to all kinds of people.  The churches of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana seek to do the same by throwing our doors wide in welcome.



The Tree

  • The chalice tells of the open communion table, hosted by Christ and set by his church. There is a place at the table for each of us.
  • The ribbons clarify the welcome. They mean what they say.  All means ALL.
  • The hearts show the love of God for each beloved child – a love we share with one another, alike and different.
  • The hands are reaching out to represent the wide welcome and diversity our congregations embrace. The wideness of our welcome may not always be visually apparent when you walk through the doors of our churches,  but know that we welcome diversity as a gift enriching the congregational experience of all.
  • The gifts are all the people and what they share with one another and larger community.


How Our Tree Was Born (Video)



Special thanks to our volunteers:
Glenda Survance, Kent Grimes, Roxie McNelly, Nance Aurand-Humpf, Susan Sears, Julie Ghooray, Tonja Gerardy, Mindy Hamm, Dawn Barnes, Sara Quick, Catherine Carvey, Phyllis Spalding and her team at Light of the World Christian Church, Phyllis Ratliffe, Steve and Martha Saucerman, Rick Spleth, Sandy Kincaid, and the Indiana Regional Board

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