2020 Regional Assembly Links and Instructions


“How to Use Zoom Technology”

by Christopher Higgins, Assembly Producer

Use the following links to connect to individual events.
You can access your Zoom link prior to each session.
The host will open events at these posted times:

Friday, October 2

6:30 pm (EDT)

Click to join the Women's Event - Who Is My Sister

Or by phone (312) 626-6799
Meeting ID: 895 0656 1118  |  Passcode: 414612

Saturday, October 3

9:00 am (EDT)

Click to join the Welcome & Business Session

Meeting ID: 992 4942 8843  |  Passcode: 603449


Saturday, October 3

10:00 am (EDT)

Click to join the Keynote Address & Group Conversations

Meeting ID: 930 1011 0855  |  Passcode: 516606

Saturday, October 3

11:00 am (EDT)

  WORSHIP may be viewed on either of these sites:


Click to view Worship on YouTube

Click to view Worship on Facebook


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