Anti Racism /Pro-Reconciliation Training-October 2021

Date: Saturday October 2, 2021
Cost: $25
Location: Online Event

Each session is from 10:00 am- 3:30 p.m. Zoom link and information will be provided prior to the event.

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Dealing with Covid-19 over the past year has left many of us feeling stressed and anxious. Are you looking for ways to reduce stress and restore balance in your pastoral and personal life? The Eskenazi Health Hoosier Heartland Healing Collaborative, in partnership with the Center for Mind Body Medicine, offers a Mind Body Workshop to introduce wellness and self-care skills proven to help in alleviating stress, improving mood and enhancing resiliency.
The workshop will be co-facilitated by Disciples Minister, Rev. Ellen Corcella, a Board Certified Chaplain and Spiritual Advisor for Palliative Care and Charlene Marks, a Research and Registered nurse. The two-hour workshop will be offered via Zoom on Wednesday, May 26, beginning at 10:00 ET. The workshop will provide insight into the ability of our mind and body to help regulate our stress response and to restore a sense of well-being through regular practice of basic skills such as meditation, guided imagery, bio-feedback, movement and breath work.
After the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to join a smaller 8-week mind body skills group for further self-discovery and an in-depth practice of various mind body skills. The workshop is free but registration is required.

Financial Literacy Academy

The May 2021 Financial Literacy Academy will be held virtually. Please register with the email address where you would like to receive links and any written content.

Session Ten:

  • Friday, May 7 – 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (EDT)
  • Saturday, May 8 – 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (EDT)

Free of charge, sponsored by the FLOURISH! Program

Location: Online (Link will be sent in confirmation email.)

Friday session for Pastors and Spouses

Friday, May 7 will focus on personal finance for clergy and spouses. Cynthia Newman, former FLOURISH! Program Director will present. This was one of the favorite sessions of 2019 Grantees! Open to all Indiana Disciples clergy and their significant others.

Saturday session for Pastors & Church Leaders

Saturday, May 8 features Michael Martin, President of ECFA, the Evangelical Foundation for Financial Accountability.  Michael is both an attorney and a CPA, and is passionate about helping churches maintain high standards of financial integrity through addressing legal and tax-related issues. Open to Clergy and Lay Leaders from all Indiana Disciples congregations.


The Financial Literacy Academy is open to all clergy with standing within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana Region and their partners. Saturday sessions are open to lay leaders from Indiana Disciples congregations. Clergy can choose to sign up for one or both sessions. Participation in these Webinars is free.

Please register by May 1 to facilitate receiving materials in advance of the sessions. 

To register, click below:

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Many of our congregational clergy were unable to take time for retreat and renewal in 2020, and if we are honest, it doesn’t seem like conferences and retreats will be available in 2021. And so, Regional Staff and Indiana clergy are working together to provide a God-directed virtual retreat for our congregational clergy.
Our hope is that, by reconnecting with each other, with God, and with our souls, we will find rest, renewal, inspiration, and new energy to lead us through the Lenten season, Eastertide, and into that time when it is once again safe for us to gather together in-person.
We encourage congregations to support their clergy in this retreat through prayer, encouragement, and cooperation.
Rick and Carolyn will provide sermons for January 31 and February 7 worship. We hope that this will empower pastors to dedicate time toward this retreat, and we hope that this will give our regional staff the opportunity to reconnect  with the congregations of the region.
Cost: $0
Date: February 1-4, 2021

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Monday: Reconnecting with colleagues through worship, prayer, and fellowship via Zoom. (More information on this will be sent later. This is the only day that will have things scheduled for the group.) 
Tuesday: Reconnecting with yourself: How is it with your soul?
Suggested activities:
  • Consider your own self-care.  What would you like to do differently?
  • How can you restore joys that were set aside or lost during 2020?
  • Savor something: a good book, a warm bath, a piece of chocolate, a perfect fruit.
  • Listen to music that lifts your soul
  • Go outside
  • Take a nap
  • Pray about your health, calling, and life.
Wednesday: Reconnecting with the sacred in your home.
Suggested activities:
  • Take some time to appraise and address your office/in-home worship space.  Let’s be honest, when we started this back in March, we didn’t have time to make things work well…and we haven’t had time to fix it since.  Take some time to make the “off camera” view just as pleasant as the “on-camera” view.
  • Consider how you will change your in-home worship space for Lent.
  • Do something nice for your home
  • Do something nice for/with the residents of your home
  • Pray about God’s presence in your home and relationships.
Thursday: Reconnecting with scripture as Lent approaches.
Suggested activities:
  • Read a book, scripture, and/or discern Lenten worship and study programs.
  • Pray about God’s direction for your congregation and its ministry.

More information will be coming in January.

“Pray and Share” is an Indiana Women’s Council virtual gathering – on Saturday, January 9 at 10 am EST. You are invited to bring a favorite candle or candleholder that has a personal significance. Maybe its scent holds memories or it reminds you of a special time or person in your life.
The morning event is free, but registration is required. You will receive a Zoom link in your inbox a few days before the event.



Anti Racism /Pro-Reconciliation Training-August 2021

Date: Saturday August 28, 2021
Cost: $25
Location: Online Event

Each session is from 10:00 am- 3:30 p.m. Zoom link and information will be provided prior to the event.

Register here to attend the training

Anti Racism /Pro-Reconciliation Training-January 2021

Date: Saturday January 30, 2021
Cost: $25
Location: Online Event

Each session is from 10:00 am- 3:30 p.m. Zoom link and information will be provided prior to the event.

Please contact Candace Boyd Wylie via email at  to register for this event.

Healthy Boundaries Training
Date: Saturday November 6, 2021
Cost: $15
Location: Online Event

Each session is from 9:00 am- 1:00 p.m. Zoom link and information will be provided prior to the event.

Register here to attend the training.

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