Our Mission

Indiana Identity Statement
The Christian Church in Indiana is a diverse community of congregations called by God to act together in love.

We Value . . .

Christ’s Table: We extend Christ’s welcome to all through worship and communion.
Connection and Care: We are called to accompany one another.
Shared Wisdom: We gain insight in community.
Mutual Ministry: We do our ministry and mission more effectively together.
Spiritual Leadership: We nurture each one’s call as gifted by the Spirit.

We Imagine . . .

A region that engages in networks of diverse relationships which shape our shared mission and ministry. We envision collaborative efforts that assist individuals in expressing their spiritual gifts, equip congregations to serve in their context and give witness to God’s hope for a new community. This compels us to allocate our energy and resources in fresh ways and to call forth leadership throughout the region to fulfill this vision.
Written by the Manna Process, 2010-2012

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