Search And Call

Interested in Serving in Indiana?

If you are eligible to enter Search and Call in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and interested in being considered for any of these open position, please do the following:

Ethical Guidelines for Congregations (.PDF)

Congregations in Transition

Openings for Senior/Solo Ministers

Name of Congregation Current Interim Status
Bargersville, First Mike Srbljan Creating Congregational Profile
Danville Luis Gierbolini Considering Candidates
Fort Wayne, First Becki Nunnally Considering Candidates
Kokomo, South Side Peggy Hickman Organizing Search Process
Lafayette, First Phillip Hayes Organizing Search Process
Lebanon, Central Patti Case Considering Candidates

Openings for Associate Ministers

Name of Congregation Status
Indianapolis, Central Considering Candidates
Tipton, West Street Considering Candidates

Extended Interims (No Search Committee active)

Name of Congregation Current Interim
Bedford, First Bruce Ervin
Carthage, East Street Jim Lawler
Columbus, North Tonja Gerardy
Eaton Kevin Greenwald
Greencastle, First Brooks Barrick
New Washington, New Washington Jason Dees
Oaktown, First Richard Stewart

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